A biography of denis diderot

He was born in Langres, France. He was the oldest son of a well-to-do worker.

A biography of denis diderot

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Writer and French philosopher, born in Langres in the Haute-Marne Department of October 5, and died in Paris on January 31,which was one of the most representative of the spirit of the enlightenment French intellectuals, and arrived to direct the work of all of them: His work is a tribute to the "free flow of ideas".

As good illustrated, he thinks that he can speak on any topic, as scandalous that seems, if I reason with rigor and honesty. To play the debate and the exchange of ideas, Diderot uses in many of his works to the exhibition in the form of dialogue.

Life His father, who belonged to the artisan bourgeoisie, was a famous manufacturer of knives. Members of these layers of half of the bourgeoisie of provinces were generally very religious.

A biography of denis diderot

The young Denis was educated by the Jesuits, first in his hometown and then in Paris; his father had hoped that followed an ecclesiastical career.

But the future writer, after finishing his studies, he was in Paris without deciding to become a priest. He also doubted what specific occupation was going to play, because I felt much interest for the most different materials.

His father, having knowledge that did not want to enter religious life, became angry with him and stopped sending him money. To survive in Paris, Diderot, which was already a scholar, devoted himself to translating works into French. Thus began to collaborate with many publishers, in which, in addition to translations, was asked to prepare catalogues.

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He soon managed to earn a living with what obtained from his pen, as he also took good benefits from its ability to write speeches that others had to pronounce.

With these works he survive, although without great luxury. He obtained the degree of master of Arts and crafts by his skill as a translator and married Antoinette Champion, which was not a good husband: I didn't feel any affection towards her, and maintained relationships with many other women.

A biography of denis diderot

One of the works that were asked to translate was the Cyclopedia, from English E. Chambers, published in London in From this work emerged the idea of writing, from the point of view of the enlightened, the encyclopedia, a monumental project that will pick up all the knowledge known up to then.

At first, the idea of developing the encyclopedia was a purely commercial project.

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Diderot was communicated to other friends illustrated Condillac and Rousseauand everyone thought that this work could sell very well, as people began to this tired of receiving all the teachings that are interpreted by the Church. But Diderot was enthusiastic about this project, and to be appointed director together with scientist, philosopher, and mathematician D'Alembertturned it into a monumental work.

For his dedication to this work, suffered many persecutions by the traditional forces and conservative who opposed the revolutionary idea that man began to be guided only by their ability to reason.

Meanwhile, was writing an own work that also caused him trouble for example, was imprisoned at Vincennes insince it had denied the existence of God in some texts from their pen. Inwhen the monumental plan of the encyclopedia could be ended, Diderot was already one of the most respected and admired throughout Europe intellectuals.

His fame went so far that he was called to the Russian court by Empress Catalina la Grande. Work Diderot was a comprehensive and multi-faceted intellectual. He wrote works of literary character novels, short stories, essays and plays and also philosophical texts in which he defended the importance of reason.

As good illustrated, Diderot criticized the influence which until then had religion; and he praised the ability of man to reason on their own on any subject, without being led by religious doctrines. Man of great culture, joined enthusiastically in the great project of the intellectual French illustrated:Denis Diderot facts: The French philosopher, playwright, and novelist Denis Diderot () is best known as the editor of the Encyclopédie.

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On Oct. 15, , Denis Diderot was born in Langres, Compagne, into a family of cutlers, whose bourgeois. On October 15, , Denis Diderot was born in Langres, Compagne, France, one of Didier and Angelique Diderot's seven children.

His father was a cutler (a maker of cutting tools). As a child Denis was considered a brilliant student by his teachers, and it was decided that he should serve the church. Denis Diderot, (born October 5, , Langres, France—died July 31, , Paris), French man of letters and philosopher who, from to , served as chief editor of the Encyclopédie, one of the principal works of the Age of Enlightenment..

Youth and marriage. Diderot was the son of a widely respected master cutler. He was tonsured in , though he did not in fact enter the church.

Œuvres principales L'Encyclopédie modifier Denis Diderot, né le 5 octobre à Langres et mort le 31 juillet à Paris, est un écrivain, philosophe et encyclopédiste français des Lumières, à la fois romancier, dramaturge, conteur, essayiste, dialoguiste, critique d'art, critique littéraire et traducteur.

Diderot est reconnu pour son érudition, son esprit critique. Biography of Denis Diderot (). Denis Diderot. Writer and French philosopher, born in Langres (in the Haute-Marne Department) of October 5, and died in Paris on January 31, , which was one of the most representative of the spirit of the enlightenment French intellectuals, and arrived to direct the work of all of them: the encyclopedia.

Criticism about: Denis Diderot (), also known as: Pantophile Diderot [Starobinski is a Swiss scholar who is considered one of the outstanding critics of the latter part of the twentieth century and who is best known for studies of Rousseau, Montaigne, and Diderot.

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