An analysis of the harley davidson marketing strategy competition

The Right Education Rather than reject these associations, Harley embraced them, turning the image of a tough-looking, leather-clade man on a motorcyle into an icon for the company.

An analysis of the harley davidson marketing strategy competition

Economic Factors that Impact Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Harley-davidson internal and external analysis Harley-davidson internal and external analysis 8 August Harley Davidson Gather the financial information necessary to do a complete ratio analysis and the BSC key metrics information.

Interpret the meaning of the ratios and financial performance. You may also include other graphics to support your narrative.

Competitors Based on your analysis, you must decide which two competitors present the biggest competitive threat to H-D. Perform a financial ratio analysis for the competitor after looking at trends in financial performance over five years, and compare the trends to industry averages.

Boris Mendez While analyzing Harley-Davidson and their effectiveness with handling obligations of current ratios of 1. They have proven to show consistency with their numbers over the past few years, even with them showing a slight decrease in the ratios from With Harley showing a decline in revenues in they have been put in a position to borrow on a higher percentage of its financing than most of the companies in the industry due to a slowing in the economy may have contributed to the debt percentage being slightly higher.

Looking at the revenue from their motorcycles and related parts segments, it appears Harley has shown a steady decline which says they are in a deeper issue than just the slow economy. While the industry average was high with averages around 55, Harley had a collection period averaging 20 days.

Return on Sales Profit Margin Inventory Turnover Sales to Inventory They are looking at a very strong future when looking internally which is essential to the future success of the company. Their customer base and the strength of their brand are most important, and has been their foundation for a numbers of years.

Harley has recently begun branching out to market other consumers like women and younger riders, because they have always been known for the middle aged white males, but the clientele is expanded to women, younger riders, African Americans, and Hispanic riders are on the rise as well.

Harley-Davidson is dedicated to continuing the success achieved, by offering quality of their products and a great experience with providing their customers with every great experience for riding and caring for their bikes. They have even implementing a University for engineers who can service Harley bikes alone.

With every organization Harley-Davidson has weaknesses that can be minimized in order to continue growing in their industry for the future.

Harley-Davidson’s Weaknesses (Internal Strategic Factors)

They have in the year past targeted to a limited market more towards middle-aged men but recently they have changed their strategy by advertising to women and younger riders to increase their market base.

While this may be true, HD will need to look at keeping their prices competitive in order for them to attract more customers. It would be for the better of the company to take advantage of their strength yet overcome their weakness by making a few internal adjustments Lenz, Although a strength, these factors need to have both short and long-term goals to keep them in strong and profitable to Harley throughout the years.

However there are of course weaknesses that Harley must minimize in order to maintain growth of past marketing efforts towards middle-aged men. They have been making every effort in recent years to advertise towards a new market and must continue to do so effortlessly to achieve and maintain their growth.

They will also need to be conscious about minimizing their falling sales and the decline in liquidity ratio. One of the areas of opportunities that Harley has started to focus in on is the advantage of the market towards women and young riders which are showing a large interest in riding, this is a market that is sure to keep the company growing for the better.

It will be imperative for Harley to continue these marketing efforts to achieve growth in these demographics. Another area of opportunity for the company is their overseas market for Harley motorcycles.

According to the report, Harley must look at the threat of the motorcycles which are a luxury commodity and with the recent recession, many customers do not have the income to purchase seasonal vehicles.

For their aging market is an imminent threat since the current customer base is made up of middle-aged men. However, since Harley is beginning to make more marketing efforts to target other groups, this could minimize the threat Lenz, Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle company started in Inspired by French integrated engine Bikes William Harley and Walter Davidson placed its foundation.

The marketing mix of Harley Davidson discusses the 4P's of one of the best and most globally recognized motorcycle brand and the strategy of Harley Davidson.

It is the icon in terms of highway cruising bikes, which allows long stretch drives, inspired from widespread road network of its parent company. Marketing & Sales Case Study Analysis and Solution.

At Fern Fort University, we use Harvard Business Review (HBR) marketing principles and framework to analyze Harley-Davidson: Marketing Strategy for Motorcycles case study. Quick Overview of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for Harley Davidson.

As compared to the all other firms in this industry, the company is somewhat stable, as already mentioned above. Following is the quick overview of porter’s five forces of Harley Davidson. 1. Competition or competitive rivalry – high.

2. Bargaining power of customers – high. 3. Harley Davidson remains as a dominant force in the heavy weight motorcycle industry; upholding 50% share in the heavy weight motorcycles. This year they celebrate their th Anniversary proudly as the only major motorcycle manufacturer to completely focus on motorcycles.

Environmental Analysis of Harley-Davidson.

An analysis of the harley davidson marketing strategy competition

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