An examination of the production and logistic system of dell computer corporation

The company was founded in by Michael Dell in his dorm room at the University of Texas. The company expanded into the international market where it has manufacturing plants in the United States, Ireland, Malaysia, and China.

An examination of the production and logistic system of dell computer corporation

Windows Desktop Deployment at Dell By Max Thoene Issue 3 An enterprise-wide migration to a newer version of an operating system is challenging in any business environment. Dell Computer is upgrading more than 30, worldwide Windows clients to the new Windows environment.

With its new power management and plug-and-play features, the Windows Professional OS enables businesses to lower the total cost of ownership for their desktop environments; Active Directory is already a generally accepted model for managing an information infrastructure.

As a result, the momentum in favor of Windows has been increasing steadily, and nearly every major Windows NT-based enterprise is planning to move to Windows as soon as possible.

To save companies time and money in this process and help them create better managed desktop infrastructures, Dell has drawn on its strategic relationship with Microsoft and experience with its own internal migration to develop the Dell Windows Desktop Deployment Package.

Developed as an automated, one-click process, the Windows Desktop Deployment Package is repeatable, sustainable, and scalable to meet the migration needs of businesses of any size. It can be updated to handle future versions of the OS.

The documentation, project plan, and schedule included with the Dell Windows Desktop Deployment Package can be used as a template for any regional Windows deployment. This article describes the Dell migration experience, explains how the Dell Windows Desktop Deployment Package works, and reviews factors companies should consider before migrating to Windows The first phase, completed between September and Februaryincluded a joint development program, a rapid deployment program, and an internal adoption program.

This phase focused on the infrastructure side of Windows Phase I concluded with the infrastructure deployment project to migrate Dell production server platforms to Windows Server and Advanced Server.

Phase II, which began in Marchfocused on the production deployment of Windows Professional to the desktop and laptop computers of Dell employees. Define the scope of the project that is, to identify, qualify, select, and schedule the existing clients to be migrated from the current OS to Windows Select appropriate deployment methods and apply them efficiently and effectively Limit user downtime during the migration process and improve on industry averages for migration times Select and integrate internal and external tool sets for efficient use during the migration process Integrating Customized Solutions Dell learned many lessons in its deployment project.

To give Dell customers the benefit of this experience, Dell decided to develop a repeatable, sustainable, and standardized turnkey solution for migrating from Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.

An examination of the production and logistic system of dell computer corporation

To meet mission-critical user and business requirements for the migration, Dell determined that the Package must: Provide a user-friendly, Web-enabled process aided by tools, wizards, and online guides Be usable during a normal business schedule or after hours to reduce impact on critical business activities Require a smaller amount of downtime than other migration alternatives Ensure data security and preservation through a storage area network SAN Dell took advantage of the Dell enterprise server environment to develop an end-to-end migration process driven through and controlled by end-user interaction with a secure Web site.

The Dell enterprise server environment includes database and application servers, backup tape libraries, and a SAN data environment.

Operating in this environment, Dell was able to design an automated migration process requiring minimal user input. The challenges identified early in the Dell migration project were resolved through proof-of-concept and pilot testing. Figure 1 summarizes the functions handled by these applications.

Dell and Third-Party Applications Used in the Dell Windows Desktop Deployment Package With these Dell and third-party solutions, Dell was able to achieve its overall goals for the migration by largely automating the process.

Migration time was two to three hours, a 50 percent reduction compared to the four to six hours required for other migration solutions. The average transition cost per system was less than one-half of the original internal forecast. Performing migration activities at night rather than during normal business hours further reduced the impact on end users.

Dell completed the first phase of the client deployment two weeks ahead of schedule, also as a result of automation. The Dell and third-party solutions listed in Figure 1 had the following effects on the success factors defined above: Define the scope of the project: SQL queries from human resources, Remedy, applications certification, and premigration databases quickly identify, qualify, select, and schedule migrations, and also handle communications with targeted system owners.

Select appropriate deployment methods and apply them effectively: In Night Migrations, technicians migrate a large number of co-located systems outside normal working hours. The Self-Install method allows Dell users with some technical background to migrate their own systems to Windows with little or no outside assistance.

Limit user downtime during the migration process and improve on industry averages for migration times: With automation, migration time was two to three hours, compared with four to six hours required by other migration solutions.


Night migration further reduces the impact on end users of migration during regular business hours. Select and integrate internal and external tool sets for efficient use: To automate migration, Dell integrated third-party applications with internally developed applications and Dell hardware and knowledge platforms to enhance the overall process.

Risks and Lessons Learned In migrating its clients to WindowsDell identified numerous project risks and learned a variety of lessons applicable to other organizations considering a migration, as outlined below.

Dell documented and mitigated a variety of risks during the migration effort. Four risks seem to be the most prevalent and persistent threats to successful project completion: Success depends on ensuring that all third-party and internally developed business-critical applications are identified, tested, and certified as Windows compliant prior to migrating systems in any business segment.M‐DCPS Registered Vendor List (By Vendor Name) Date Run: 04/29/ Vendor Name Vendor City State Zip Code Country Vendor # &A DISCOUNT SERVICES .

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An examination of the production and logistic system of dell computer corporation

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