Analytical study on perception for videocon

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Analytical study on perception for videocon

It becomes extremely crucialwhen the population base is huge. In India, healthcare is a very critical issue since almostseventy percent of the huge population base lives in rural areas where education andawareness, per capita income and supply side factors of healthcare management likeavailable professionals in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy is still behind the globalstandards; in fact it is scarce in many parts of the country.

Private players in healthcareindustry have not reached to the remote areas and public healthcare services still remainthe mainstream healthcare providers. The researchers in the present work have made anattempt to find out the progress made by Indian states with respect to public sectorhealthcare management status.

The paper ranks the Indian states amidst Analytical study on perception for videocon i. The paper concludes that States of South India are ahead of the rest of thecountry in terms of public healthcare management in India.

The health careindustry incorporates several sectors that are dedicated to providing services and productswith the objective of improving the health of individuals. This industry consists ofplayers from public sector Government as well as private sector.

The delivery ofmodern health care depends on an expanding group of trained professionals comingtogether as an interdisciplinary team in both the sectors. The rate of growth of the healthcare industry in India is moving ahead neck to neck with the software industry of thecountry and the health care industry in India is reckoned to be the engine of the economyin the years to come.

India in case of health care facilities still lakes the adequate supply, especially in the ruralareas. In fact there is huge gap between demand and supply at all the levels of society. Still there are many urban areas where one can hardly find any multi specialty hospital.

Researches indicate that there are many constraints in healthcare system in India of whichthe absence of health insurance for the unorganized sector and the adverse resourceallocation for the rural sector stand out significantly in case of public healthcare system.

Various state governments and the centre have adopted comprehensive agenda of healthsector reforms and health care management systems to improve the services and alsonarrow the demand supply gap. The present study aims to evaluate the healthcaremanagement status in Indian states.

The study applies econometric tools toinvestigate facts empirically in the rural and urban areas of Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguridistricts of North Bengal. Demographic factors like age, and family size has been foundto be important determinants of utilisation of care from modern source.

Negativerelationship between education and utilisation of a care has been found out. Demand forpublic health facilities is also very high among rural mass.

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So, privatization or plan ofleasing out the primary health care system to private operators is not justified. Utilisationof health facilities by rural people is associated with low reported quality of care. In hisanother work on Demand for Healthcare in India, Amlan Majumder highlights the need for different types of health care which is changing very rapidlyamong Indian population in the phase of transition.

Analytical study on perception for videocon

The present study tries to investigatein Indian context whether the demand for public health facilities has decreased among all12 3. The research highlights thatpublic health care, in Indian context, is an inferior commodity.

Analytical study on perception for videocon

Moreover, acceptability ofit is concentrated among some religious or some ethnic minorities who generally occupylower stratum in the local hierarchy. Among the factors in the supply side, availability ofdrugs played positively towards utilisation of public health facilities.

Satia and Ramesh Bhat in their paper Progress and challenges of healthsector: A balance sheet highlights that considerable progress has been made inimproving the health status of the population over the last half-century in India.

Despitethis impressive progress, many challenges remain. The life expectancy is still 4 yearsbelow world average. So is under five mortality 12 per per year higher than globalaverage. New disease patterns and non-communicable diseases are also emerging asmajor challenges.

The paper makes an attempt to explain the tardy progress in the healthsector. The programme management by public sector, allocation of public resources tohealth sector, centre-state roles and financing of programmes, private sector role,contribution and role of NGOs, public-private partnerships in health have been analysed.

The paper suggests that key challenge in the next century is the leadership challenge andreforms in the health sector require several measures. Firstly, it requires policy andprogramme emphasis that ensures access to quality primary health care for all.

Secondly,there is a need for inclusive political dialogue and decision making which will involvecommunity groups representing voices of the poor, local private sector and thegovernment in operationalizing the new vision of health sector.

Thirdly, the social capitalin the sector needs to be built up which will promote trust, cooperation and other normsthat enable health markets to function effectively. Thepaper argues that given the lack of training of doctors in management it is imperative thatthe doctors who are put in charge of the PHC system receive reasonable skills andtraining in management so that the resources spent on the PHC system can be utilizedwell.

It is also observed that most management training is very divorced from the day-to-day realities of the working of the PHC system and the kind of challenges they face. Thepaper also argues that there is a need for developing a separate health management cadrein India who will be trained in public health and health management to take up leadershiprole in PHC system in future.

Finally the paper argues that substantial efforts will beneeded in preparing doctors for the management posts in the PHC system. Research studies conducted on Indian healthcare system and its management reveals thatmost of the works have been conducted on specific healthcare issues and problems, manyof them restricting to select geographical areas.AN ANALY TICAL STUDY OF PERCEPTION BY AN NA SOPHIE ROGERS A.

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Home; Videocon Mobiles Research Scholar, NSOU & Visiting Faculty, IISWBM (Affiliated to Calcutta University)Arpita Banerjee ChattopadhyayLecturer, Budge Budge College (Affiliated to Calcutta University)ABSTRACTHealthcare in any state or country is.

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