Chievo volt

The discharge is excited by RF in the frequency range 10 MHz to 1 OHz applied to a transverse metal electrode structure 14 designed to maintain a relatively uniform electric field in the discharge bore The disclosed laser may be configured as a wave-guide laser or a large bore laser operating in a non-waveguide mode. A means for inductively coupling RF energy from a suitable RF energy source to the electrode struc-ture 14 and a means for attaching mirrors 15 to the discharge tube using no organic sealing material is disclosed.

Chievo volt

One embodiment of the invention is a pulsed excimer laser having a lasing gas com-prising a mixture of krypton Kr and fluorine F2. Use of Ne with the KrF excimer lasing medium further enables advantageous utilization of corona wire pre-ionization to initiate the main discharge in this type of laser.

It requires reduced pre-ionization energy, thereby enabling use of a more advantageous pre-ionization circuit. Claims 4 D, The embodiment of the invention Chievo volt which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed is defined as follows: In an excimer laser comprising a chamber, spaced electrodes in said chamber defining a discharge zone therebetween, a source of d-c power, energy storage capacitor means electri-cally connected to said electrodes and to said source and adapted to be charged by the latter, switch means electrically connected between said capacitor means and said electrodes and operable to apply the charge voltage of said capacitor means across said electrodes, a lasing gas mixture in said chamber having a lasing gas selected from the group consisting of Ar and F2, Xe and F2, Xe and Br2, Hg and Br2, Hg and C?

Chievo volt

The laser according to claim 1 in which said lasing gas comprises KrF. The laser according to claim 2 with at least one in-sulated ionization wire spaced closely to one of said electrodes and electrically connected to the other electrode whereby appli-cation of said charge voltage to said electrodes causes said wire to preionize said buffer gas and to simultaneously induce the electric discharge between said electrodes.

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Chievo volt

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