Concept of sustainable marketing

Hardison Certified Educator Sustainable marketing is an aspect of the larger field of sustainable community development, a field that is defined by the Brundtland commission of the World Commission as:

Concept of sustainable marketing

Definition[ edit ] Societal marketing can be defined as a "marketing with a social dimension or marketing that includes non-economic criteria". Accordingly, Andreas Kaplan defines Concept of sustainable marketing management as "management that takes into account society's overall welfare in addition to mere profitability considerations.

Objectives[ edit ] Various attempts to define the objectives of societal marketing have been noted, [5] such as: It is the duty of business to promote proper consumption values. The societal marketing concept adopts the position that marketers have a greater social responsibility than simply satisfying customers and providing them with superior value.

Instead, marketing activities should strive to benefit society's overall well-being. Marketing organisations that have embraced the societal marketing concept typically identify key stakeholder groups including: They ensure that marketing activities do not damage the environment and are not hazardous to broader society.

Societal marketing developed into sustainable marketing. Rather than focusing on selling a products, which can be good or bad for the consumers, companies should focus on consumer and society's well-being.

Examples[ edit ] Most companies recognize that socially responsible activities improve their image among customers, stockholdersthe financial communityand other relevant publics.

Ethical and socially responsible practices are simply good business, resulting not only in favorable image, but ultimately in increased sales. The Body Shop International plc is the original, natural and ethical beauty brand. The company uses only plant based materials for its products.

It is against Animal testingsupports community trade, activate Self Esteem, Defend Human Rights, and overall protection of the planet. They have also their own charity, The Body Shop Foundation, to assist those working to achieve progress in the areas of human and civil rights, environmental and animal protection.

Thus Body shop is really following the concept of Societal Marketing.

Concept of sustainable marketing

Through the crusade Avon sale representatives have raised billion of dollars for breast cancer education and access to early detection services for underserved woman. In addition, Avon's 45, US sales people have been trained to discuss breast cancer and importance of early detection with their customers and distributed 80 million flyers on breast cancer detection.

Societal marketing is a philosophy or mindset that informs marketing decisions whereas social marketing is a distinct branch within the marketing discipline.

Societal marketing is concerned with the consideration of the social and ethical aspects of marketing planning. Social marketing is concerned with facilitating social change. A key difference is that the greater 'social good' is the principal consideration in social marketing while social benefits are one of a number of considerations in societal marketing.

On the other hand, social marketing is a sub-branch of marketing that began inwith the publication of an article by Kotler and Zaltman, emphasising a planned approach to achieving social change.

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It is primarily concerned with encouraging pro-social behaviours e. Its campaigns can either encourage merit goodsas for example fund raising for not-for-profit organizations or dissuade the use of demerit goods promoting society's well being, as non-smoking campaigns or promote the use of seat belts.

Another characteristic of social marketing is that is planned to influence individual behaviour to improve well-being. It includes more than just advertising in traditional mass media, and may extend to educational programs and formal enforcement regimes in the case of road safety campaigns.

A clear example that differentiates societal from social marketing is a marketing campaign on non-smoking. A smoking cessation advertisement is an example of social marketing, but if the marketing strategies and techniques used in that campaign focus on increasing the well-being of society, that same campaign can be an example of societal marketing.

The societal marketing concept was a forerunner of sustainable marketing in integrating issues of social responsibility into commercial marketing strategies.

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In contrast to that, social marketing uses commercial marketing theories, tools and techniques to influence social change. Social marketing applies a "customer orientated" approach and uses the concepts and tools used by commercial marketers in pursuit of social goals like Anti-Smoking-Campaigns or fund raising for NGOs.

Another difference is that CSR "focuses more in a corporate level and stakeholders", [19] while societal marketing is more concerned about the consumer and their long term benefits.

CSR social and environmental concerns are integrated into all business operations. CSR is mainly run by companies, while social marketing mainly by Government or Non profits organizations. Branding[ edit ] Corporations are the one who are striving during the whole time for improvements.The SM Transparency Catalog ™ is the educational marketing & customer service solution that makes it easy for building professionals and manufacturers’ employees & partners, to find all the brands and all their products with transparency disclosures – in a glance – .

Sep 16,  · Sustainable marketing is the process of promoting products that are environmentally safe at the retail level and touting a company's commitment to sustainable practices at the public relations level. It applies traditional marketing techniques but in a specific context.

This category of marketing. The societal marketing is a marketing concept that holds that a company should make marketing decisions not only by considering consumers' wants, the company's requirements, but also society's long-term interests..

The societal marketing concept holds that the organization's task is to determine the needs, wants, and interests of a target market and to deliver the desired satisfactions more. Sustainable marketing concept. Considered both future needs of consumer and company. Consumerism. And organized movement or citizens and government agencies designed to improve the rights and power of buyers in relation to sellers.

The Principles of a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Enivironmentalism. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish ( – ) was a visionary and social entrepreneur. As part of his vision, Prof. Abouleish established Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in ; the first university in the Middle East declaring sustainable development as its main guiding principal.

Sustainable Vs Sustainability Marketing As far as sustainable marketing is concerned, it is macro-marketing concept, which is defined as, “The marketing within and supportive of sustainable economic development†(Dam and Apeldoorn, ).

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