Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event

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Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event

It is a story of grief and trauma and the continued pain of living with grog, drug and violence. It is a story that academics and journalists write about us as though we are victims of history that we can do nothing about.

And within their stories about us is an acceptance that the paternal hand of government will determine the nature of our welfare and even the nature of our rights.

I want to tell a different story. It is about how Aboriginal people can be the authors of our stories and not passive and powerless subjects in stories told and written by others. I want to talk about how the leaders of the Fitzroy Valley in the Kimberley are working together to create a pathway of hope and community vitality and resilience The start of the journey has depended on the leadership of the Aboriginal community but the journey from this point on will largely be shaped by a partnership that we can create and build with governments.

Over the course of three years, the residents of the Fitzroy Valley have led transformative change in their region and lifted their communities out of chaos and despair. This Chapter outlines the process of moving from community crisis to community control.

Ina number of Fitzroy Valley community leaders decided it was time to address increasing violence and dysfunction in their communities. Alcohol abuse was rife across the Valley — and rather than healing the pain of colonisation and disempowerment, it was causing violence, depression and anguish amongst residents.

Bythere had been 13 suicides in the Valley over a 12 month period. The actions of these leaders were careful and modest; aimed at bringing the Fitzroy Valley residents with them on a journey to understand two things, that the alcohol situation was dire, and that the problems of the Valley could be reversed.

I first examine the processes in which key community leaders took steps to restrict alcohol in the Valley. I then outline the development of a local governance structure that facilitates effective engagement between the communities and government.

This structure is a platform for local voices to influence the future of the Fitzroy Valley. The community-led nature of this project, which has consent processes embedded into its fabric, and the strategic use of external partners have allowed the communities to address an incredibly sensitive and difficult issue in FASD.

It is the story of a movement that engages with, rather than further marginalises, the local communities. These events demonstrate approaches to community crisis that encourage and build the positive, willing participation of the affected people.

The principles emerging from the Fitzroy experience can inform the development and delivery of government services across the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia. If governments apply these principles they can shift from a service delivery paradigm to become enablers and facilitators of community-based agents of change.

In the Fitzroy Valley, the Australian and Western Australian governments have an opportunity to work with the communities to build on the existing models of governance and communication to capitalise on this social transformation.

The Bunuba and Gooniyandi people are the people of the rivers and the ranges. The Walmajarri and the Wangkatjungka people are the people of the great desert.

Today these different language groups all live together in harmony in the Fitzroy Valley. We have strong culture here and we welcome you to our place and our dreams.

The town of Fitzroy Crossing is situated near the centre of the Fitzroy Valley. It is the regional hub of the Valley.

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Fitzroy Crossing is on the traditional lands of the Bunuba people. There are 44 smaller communities spread around the Valley in a diameter of approximately kms. Of these smaller communities, a number are sub-regional hub communities, while others are smaller satellite communities or outstations.Influence takes us to a higher level, applying AI to build out continuous close and smarter exception monitoring, for example, allowing finance to describe the business in new ways, creating opportunities to see whole new business models.

Explain the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour when supporting a business event. Remain professional and helpful behaviour is very important in a business event.

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Acting like professional will help you to follow-up the event and dealing with emergent problems before, during and after the show and maintains composure. Oct 12,  · Today it is very important for the business managers to have an accommodating attitude towards the various local cultures and try to take part in the events of the local community that their business is working in, in order to increase the successfulness of the business (Gannon, ).

Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event. [] Showing others respect is the basis of all professional behaviour.

Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event

Ways of exhibiting professional/ helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event: Including: dress code, greeting visitors, answering questions, offering advice/ directions to rooms, providing spare documents, friendly body language and deferring major issues to senior colleagues.

Highlights We report a secondary analysis of an evaluation of a whole-system change initiative. We apply neo-institutional theory to analyse changes in institutional logics.

Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event

Enduring change depends on institutional pillars embodied and reproduced by human actors.

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