Hot line maintenance

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Hot line maintenance

Electrical hazards[ edit ] Electricity is hazardous: Higher currents can cause respiratory failure and result in extensive and life-threatening burns.

At high voltages, it is unnecessary to come into direct contact with charged equipment to be shocked.

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An electric field surrounds all charged devices. Bringing a conducting object such as a human body into that field can intensify the field enough for electrical breakdown of the air and an arc to jump from the equipment to earth via that person. Avoiding loss of supply[ edit ] Electricity utilities wish to avoid loss of supplyfor which they receive customer complaints or are financially penalised.

At the same time they are obligated to maintain and replace their electrical equipment on a regular basis. Due to the hazard of high voltage, it is normally necessary for equipment to be isolated from the supply before being worked upon, termed a planned outage.

In a radially -supplied system, a planned outage results in a loss of supply, unless equipment is connected in parallel, back up supplies are available or the grid is reswitched to transfer the electrical load elsewhere. An interconnected grid results in no loss of power, but security of supply is compromised, and out-of-merit generation may need to be ordered to maintain system security, which can be expensive.

Methods[ edit ] In general, there are three methods of live-line working which help workers avoid the considerable hazards of live line working.

Hot stick or Live Line Tool Hot sticks are used in live line work by having the worker remain at a specified distance from the live parts and carry out the work by means of an insulating stick.

Tools can be attached to the stick, allowing work to be performed with the worker himself safely away from the live conductors. Insulating Gloves or Rubber Gloves A live line worker is electrically protected by insulating gloves and other insulating equipment, and carries out the work in direct mechanical contact with live parts.

Barehand or Potential The barehanded approach has a live line worker performing the work in direct electric contact with live parts. Because the worker and the work are at the same potential, no current flows through the worker.

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Unearthed or De-energised Some organizations additionally consider working on unearthed de-energised equipment to be another form of live-line working. This is because the line might become inadvertently charged e.

To prevent this, the line is first grounded via a clamp known as a bond or drain earth. Once this is in place, further work is not considered to be live-line working. Hot stick Hot-stick working appeared in the second decade of the 20th century, when insulating poles made from baked wood were used for tasks such as replacing fusesreplacing post insulators, and transferring lines onto temporary supports.

As experience with the techniques developed, then the operating voltages at which the work was performed increased.

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More sophisticated poles can accept pneumatically or hydraulically driven power tools which allow, for example, bolts to be unscrewed remotely.

A rotary wire brush allows a terminal to be scoured clean before a connection is made. Class 1 - phase to phase working voltage 7. Covers of insulating material such as blankets and linehose are employed in rubber glove working to protect the worker from exposure to a part at a different potential sometimes referred to as the 2nd point of contact; the point where current would leave the body should an inadvertent contact be made.

Bare hand[ edit ] Bare-hand, or potential working involves placing the worker in direct electrical contact with an energized overhead line.

Hot line maintenance

The worker might work alongside the lines, from a platform that is suspended from them, or may sit or stand directly on the line itself. It is imperative that the worker maintain appropriate and adequate limits of approach to any part at a different potential.* Hot Line (Maintenance): * Hot Line (Company): * [email protected] The only certified maintenance centers branches for KIRIAZI Co., We do not have any other branches.

Warning: Please verify that the maintenance technician is holding a valid Kiriazi Company ID. Utility Solutions designs and manufacturs hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry. From loadbreak tools to rubber goods, to fiberglass we are Lineman Driven. Field Proven. Live Line detection of faulty Insulators Hot line maintenance (PID) The heat dissipated by the discharge tends to keep the band dry and also contribute to the overall drying process already in .

Hot Line Construction is % woman owned, WBE-certified and considered a leader in the industry in both safety and production. Carol is an avid golfer, aviation enthusiast, traveler and a .

One can make use of predictive maintenance by using a technique called signature analysis, which is intended to continually monitor the health of equipment by recording systematically signals derived from is the form of vibration, noise, thermal emission, change in chemical composition, smell, pressure, relative displacement, etc.

Applications of Hot Line method.

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1) Testing of punctured insulator. 2) Replacement of disc insulators. 3) Tightening of Nut bolts of power connectors.

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