How to overcome game addiction

What the Board expects you to know: Risk factors in the development of addiction, including genetic vulnerability, stress, personality, family influences and peers.

How to overcome game addiction

However, in time someone can learn to enjoy video games without being addicted to them.

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The following tips can be used to curb a video game addiction. Video games, unlike some other addictions, can fill in a lot of time. Stopping altogether may leave a huge void in your life, and cause you to relapse and sink more time into video games.

The goal is to curtail how much time you spend playing video games. Set a specific number of hours or minutes to play video games per day. Set a countdown on your phone.

Once that timer goes off, you stop playing.

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Eliminate how many systems you own. Instead, only have one system you play games on. This will allow you to be focused on one system only, without feeling the need to play games on each and every system.


People have been known to die while playing a MMO, since they play them for days at a time without a break. Take a break every hour.

For each hour of play, stand up, walk around, etc. Limit how much money you spend on video games. If you limit your spending, you limit your addiction. Choose games with physical activity. Games are becoming more movement based. Some require you to stand and move your body.

While they are still video games, they can encourage exercise. There are a lot of video games that families can play together. Not only will it allow you to play a video game, it will include your family as well. Just remember to teach your children moderation, and if you have to, stop their game time as well.

This may also increase an addiction, so it may not be the right way to go. There could be underlining issues why someone is addicted to video games.

How to overcome game addiction

Seeking a mental health professional is not a bad thing and is nothing to be ashamed of. You can talk to your primary care physician about it as well.

Determine if there are other issues going on. An addiction to video games may be caused by something else going on in your life.

The step above, talking to a mental health professional, can help you identify and possibly address that. Start a collection of some sort, do some gardening, etc.

Something else to keep your hands and mind busy. Some of these you can also include your friends and family. Look at your life as it is now.

What could be better?With the development of new technologies and the massive popularity of devices that can access the Internet, the ways we spend our time have changed dramatically.

Excessive computer use changes the structure of the brain and may lead to an addiction similar to alcohol, drugs, or gambling.

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