Hum 111 week 8 powerpoint

City Council This benchmark assessment is a means for you to apply all you have learned in this course. It is recommended that you work on this a little each week to ensure adequate time is spent on building this presentation. To provide context, a variety of scenarios are provided for you to choose from. Regardless of the scenario, the presentation should include the same criteria.

Hum 111 week 8 powerpoint

InKaffa, a town in modern-day Ukraine that was a Genoese trading post, came under attack by a Tartar army. When the Tartars were killed by the plague, the Genoese at first rejoiced: God had answered their prayers and punished their enemy.

But that celebration ended when the Tartars began launching the corpses of plague victims over the walls of the city, hoping that the smell of rot would kill everyone in town. The smell didn't kill the Genoese, of course, but the disease did. The panicked Genoese threw the corpses back or submerged them in water.

But it was no use; they were already exposed.

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As the dying Tartars retreated, the Genoese fled by ship to Sicily, taking the deadly disease with them to Europe. Black Death epidemic killed an estimated 50 million Chinese and other Asian during the 15 years before it reached Constantinople in Kaffa wasn't the only eastern trading port on the Black Death's path, but Genoa's ships took the blame for bringing the pestilence.

Once it hit Europe, the Black Death moved fast, traveling at an average speed of 2. From the Mediterranean ports, the disease took two paths; one through France that eventually made its way to England and Ireland, and one through Italy that went to Austria and Germany.

Why is it called the Black Death? Many think that the Black Death got its name from the blackened tumors that covered the victims' bodies.

But it's more likely a mistranslation of the Latin term for the plague, Atra mors.

Hum 111 week 8 powerpoint

People living in rural circumstances were not affected nearly so much. I know the average monk writing about it thought cities and towns were the whole world, but believe or not, farmers are people too.

Nonetheless, it is true that Poland did survive the Black Death relatively unscathed. In addition to Poland's relatively sparse population, a key factor is that King Casimir the Great wisely quarantined the Polish borders. By holding the plague off at the borders, the disease's impact on Poland was softened.

The quarantine's effectiveness was further enhanced by Poland's relative isolation.

Hum Week 9 Critical Thinking Final Presentation

While heavily hit regions such as the Mediterranean coast were densely interlinked with trade, the same was generally not true of Poland.

When the Black Death arrived, this isolation helped insulate the Poles from the plague. Since there were so many deaths what happened to the bodies? The Christian church was the center of cultural life, and people were buried on church grounds. As Catharine Arnold writes in her book Necropolis: London and Its Dead, "With land at a premium, churchyards were communal spaces at the core of parish life, more like streetmarkets than parks.

Laundry fluttered above the graves; chickens and pigs jostled for scraps.

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Bands of traveling players enacted dramas, and desecration was inevitable, with 'boisterous churls' playing football, dancing, drinking, and fighting on the hallowed ground. As Arnold notes, the "bond between the living and the dead was very different from today," namely because the dead were kept so close.

The arrival of the black plague in fall changed all this.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Hum Week 9 Powerpoint.

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View the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation from Ch. 8, “Arrays,” of Starting Out with Programming Logic and Design.. Note: This presentation provides examples that will help you with this week’s discussion and individual activities.

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