Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay


Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay

Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay

The primary objective of this paper is to undertake a comparative analysis of key policy issues arising from the provision of state aids to European airlines using two case studies namely Iberia Airlines Spain and Aer Lingus Ireland. This objective may be divided into three sub-objectives.

In particular, the paper explores the process during the s by which state aids were approved for Iberia Airlines and Aer Lingus. It is important to note that in the case of Iberia some of these aids were linked to the privatisation of the airline.

The paper also examines the process by which such aids were regulated at EU level. A key aim is the clarification of the involvement, role and relationship between the various actors involved in the domestic and Brussels decision-making processes, including the European Commission, domestic economic and political actors as well as other social interests, and the motivation and rationale for the actions of each of these actors.

Bearing these models in mind, the paper seeks to identify which of these best characterises developments at both domestic and supranational level when airline aids are in question. Finally, Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay evaluate the process in terms of three key public policy concepts, namely efficiency, transparency and accountability, and to present policy recommendations that may be of value to the debate on the possible future privatisation of Aer Lingus EI.

The paper specifically evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of concepts such as transparency, accountability and effectiveness when dealing with public enterprises as well as considering what lessons can be drawn from the Iberia case study that may be useful for actors involved with Aer Lingus.

It appears that there was little or no role for either workers of Iberia or the Spanish Parliament, or even the Spanish core-executive, in decision-making.

This process was distinguished by the participation of several actors in the negotiations with no one main player including representatives of EI management who originally requested the aidEI workers, representatives from the Departments of Transport and Finance and the Irish cabinet itself.

Supranational approval of aids in both states witnessed a similar dynamic. Both saw the participation of representatives of the domestic-level policy community — in the case of Spain this included members of the SEPI delegation as well as representatives from MEH, and for Ireland it included permanent representatives in Brussels as well as members of the Departments of Finance and Transport — who negotiated alongside officials from the relevant European Commission Directorates General, namely Transport and Competition.

With regard to the second objective, which attempts to theoretically classify developments, the findings for both levels of governance suggest that with regard to the domestic level in Spain, the policy-community model is salient, while for Ireland elements of the corporatist model are of value.

However, to understand domestic-level developments in Ireland, elements of the corporatist model are of value. This clearly contrasts with the policy-community model found in Spain where membership was highly restrictive and outcomes were based on an informal bargaining process guided by the self-interests of specific actors.

Policy recommendations Drawing on the above analysis, the paper makes two main policy recommendations in relation to a efficiency, transparency and accountability in public policy-making useful lessons thatmay be drawn from the privatisation of Iberia for the potential future privatisation of Aer Lingus.

I am indebted to several scholars and practitioners who were supportive during the research and writing phases of the project.

Editor's Choice The union remains concerned that any assurances given by either company offers no real guarantees to address these concerns. The announcement this evening Tuesday by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohue TD, that the Government intends to support the bid, will not come as a surprise to any of the staff or travelling public at Aer Lingus, but it will be a cause of concern to both staff and passengers.
Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access Aer Lingus was originally pronounced 'air ling-us' as the Irish Aer Loingeas is pronounced and only later did the pronunciation change to the 'air ling-gus' used now.
Aer Lingus - Wikipedia These cases concern the Irish air travel tax ATTan excise duty on air passenger transport, which was applied at different rates depending on the distance between the departure and the arrival airports, and its compatibility with State aid rules.

I am particularly indebted to Sinead Riordan at The Policy Institute for her sharp eye and wonderful insights during the final stages of the project. I also acknowledge the constructive comments and criticisms of those attending The Policy Institute seminar on 13 May when an earlier version of this paper was presented, as well as the extremely valuable insights of the two anonymous referees.

Above all I am indebted to several high-ranking officials in Madrid, Brussels and Dublin who enabled access to documents and were kind enough to be interviewed in confidence during this project.

The views expressed in this study are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Policy Institute. Responsibility for any errors also rests with the author.History of airline and state aid developments The nature of the privatisation Policy actors in Aer Lingus aid approval Characterisation of the policy-making process at domestic level STATE AIDS IN THE AIRLINE SECTOR: ACOMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF IBERIA AND AER LINGUS.

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Ireland's parliament has voted in favour of selling off the state's share in Aer Lingus as part of a billion euro takeover bid by British Airways owner International Airlines Group (IAG). c) Evaluate the reactions of key stakeholders regarding the strategy of Ryanair bid for Aer Lingus.

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CJEU decision in joined State aid cases Aer Lingus and Ryanair

financing of airports and airlines under EU State aid law. Aer Lingus Location (Country) Ireland E-mail address [email protected] environmental impact of the sectoral rules and of a potential application of the horizontal rules. B Information on business models by airport operators and airlines.

CJEU decision in joined State aid cases Aer Lingus and Ryanair State aid — Irish tax on airline passengers — Differentiated air travel tax rates — Aid passed on to customers — Computation of aid — Interaction with freedom to provide services On December 21, the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Pest Analysis.

Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay

Gerry, , The state of the barnweddingvt.comnges facing organised labour in Ireland). As part of a dispute, staff at Aer Lingus are going onto a two hour work stoppage over the pension dispute on November 19,

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