Informative speech nfl concussions

The neurodegenerative brain disease can be found in individuals who have been exposed to repeated head trauma. The disease is pathologically marked by a buildup of abnormal tau protein in the brain that can disable neuropathways and lead to a variety of clinical symptoms. These include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, aggression, depression, anxiety, impulse control issues and sometimes suicidal behavior. That people who play football are at risk for this disease," said Dr.

Informative speech nfl concussions

More specifically, as of now anyway, I plan on focusing my attention in on the measures that have been put in place at the professional level to keep players safe now, and in their futures. I came up with this idea because I enjoy sports and right now many professional sports organizations are developing or strengthening their policies.

In getting started, some key words or phrases related to my question that I will use as search terms will be fairly obvious. I will try to find different sources and different policies. As my research takes off, I will possible change the focus of my paper depending on the information I am able to find.

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If I were to assign an audience to my topic, I would say most sports fans should be interested in my topic, especially if they have favorite athletes who suffered from a concussion and were forced to miss time or follow certain procedures.

Many fans know there are procedures that must be followed, but like me, they know very little specifics. Also, my audience includes people interested in sports medicine and the psychology of the brain.

The brain is a very interesting topic, and concussions alter its affects. When I go to the library on Friday, I will probably start by getting on a computer and seeing what the library has to offer. I will see if there are any new books that are updated to include new policies and the latest research.

From there I will explore data bases and look for articles with topics related to concussions that interest me. That is ultimately how I will narrow my topic. For example, if I find a ton of great research on concussions in professional football, that would be an easy way to narrow down my topic.

I could then just focus on what the NFL has done for its players and the policies they have instilled.

Selecting Your Topic

Overall, I look forward to getting started on this paper. I think I will enjoy the research process because there is so much out there for me to learn about this interesting topic.

In the end, it will be nice to inform my readers and even my friends about the policies and procedures in place to protect professional athletes.I'm doing a speech on the effects of concussions and how dangerous they are.

What should I use for visual and audio aids? There were concussions reported in the NFL season, for starters.

Informative speech nfl concussions

As the modern-day gladiator sport, football has been under the gun for producing head injuries. Despite litigation. Concussions Affect Women More Adversely Than Men.

Differences between how females and males experience concussions suggest the need for gender-specific prevention and treatment strategies. A persuasive speech is meant for persuading the audience to have a specific viewpoint.

Unlike ordinary speech where the orator simply gives information on a subject; in a persuasive speech, the orator has a viewpoint (pro or against the subject) and tries to prove why it is right or wrong.

Although concussions remain a problem in other sports as well (See earlier posts on Hockey and Soccer), the concussion problem is largest in football where over 1, former players are suing the National Football League for withholding information about the potential dangers of concussions.

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