Intsik beho

Frankly, his minions in the Inquirer. There are even newspaper columnists who give P. So clearly, popularity is not a big deal especially if one is only popular for the wrong reasons like, say, having a popular mother, father and sister. Besides, all newly elected presidents are popular at the beginning of their term anyway think:

Intsik beho

But since he said he would ask China to help him in his war on drugs, where the killing of now close to 4, drug suspects, has put him in the eye of a raging storm before the international community, I would urge him to ask President Xi Jinping to help him put an end to the speculation that a lot of the drugs processed in the Philippines are coming from China, and that the Philippines is merely a big transshipment point of manufactured drugs flooding the rest of Asia.

But this would be too much to expect. That would be good enough. Diplomacy and public information How PDU30 could strengthen his capability to confront the challenges brought about by his war on drugs is probably something we could discuss.

Intsik beho

There are two powerful resources that should be fully exploited —-public information, and diplomacy—- and they have not been exploited fully until now. Long before the current diplomatic typhoon hit, I tried to alert some people in the government on the need to fully utilize these resources, but I failed to elicit any response.

I thought I Intsik beho seen a little of the past and could sense what was coming and I tried to raise the alert. I wrote about what I thought the new power-holders should learn from, but it looks like the new power-holders never read what I wrote.

Then the typhoon hit. And what I had thought would happen began to unfold. We are now in the middle of it. He has succeeded in provoking the international community with just his vulgar and offensive speech, and it looks like the solid support of 38 percent of the voters who had voted for him in the May elections has begun to shake.

The propaganda fraudsters have been quick to come up with alleged surveys showing he remains as popular as ever. The earlier claim of 91 percent approval rating has been shaved down to 84 percent.

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Blog Archive Each has a story to tell, of how he or she became Filipino. And each has a saga that is entering a new phase as China aggressively occupies Philippine seas and appears to be making inroads to conquer Philippine governance.
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Do chinese people get offended if you call them "Intsik" or "Chekwa"? | Yahoo Answers A report on the matter addressed to the Singapore Filipino community was posted in Tagalog on the website of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore on the 17th June. The other key messages of this report are:

This is still high, given the battering he has received from foreign governments, international organizations, and the world press. But unless your IQ is below room temperature, you can believe it only at your own risk. A servile press or an honest one?

No president wants or needs a bad press—-especially after only days in office. So DU30 needs all the help he can get. He needs an honest press, not a servile or lickspittle one. Given the way he uses power, there is a tendency for many in the media to spew saucy panegyrics even without any provocation, just to be on his good side.

This does not help at all. It distorts the truth and gives the President a false sense of his ground support. In the early days of martial law, after Marcos normalized the operations of the mass media, there was a tendency on the part of editorial writers to praise Marcos even when there was no reason or need to do so.

I explained that what the government needed was an honest reporting and analysis of government, not a fawning caricature it. The editors agreed, and they suspended the opinion columns until the dean of Filipino columnists at the time, Teodoro F.

Valencia, on behalf of the columnists, promised to avoid any kind of lickspittle journalism. Perhaps DU30 needs something like this to avoid a stampede of panegyrists trying to drown their readers in a Niagara Falls of unnecessary and incompetent praise of the President.

I have no doubt that DU30 will survive this medicine. Using the foreign service well Secondly, DU30 should try to use the foreign service to his utmost advantage. We have a fairly strong career foreign service, with competent and brilliant men and women who are all waiting to be commissioned by the President.

They should be properly utilized in the national interest. All they need is recognition and respect for the professional integrity of the service. Many presidents have failed in this.

Intsik beho

DU30 has to do better than his predecessors. This means that after June 30,no person who is 70 years old may be legally appointed as ambassador to any post. This has not prevented previous presidents from appointing as ambassadors non-career individuals who were well past 70 though.

DU30 could make the same mistake, if he does not watch out. There is no need for him to do so. This should not happen again.Jun 05,  · We called them “Intsik Beho tulo laway” or “Tsikwa”. Our elders considered them dirty because they spit everywhere.

They go around town buying and selling bottles, old newspaper and scrap of metals which Filipinos found demeaning until we found it was a very profitable business.

May 26,  · Victim of racism too but in a more discret indirect way. Been looking for a way to face my racist classmates but what if I am wrong about them May 26 The "pure" Chinese or the "G.I." (Genuine Intsik 4) fit the stereotype of a Chinese shopkeeper who speaks good Hokkien (and perhaps a little Mandarin), speaks heavily-accented but good Filipino and is awkward in English.

They hardly socialize outside their Chinese community and might even look down on Chinese-Filipinos who seem to have. Second encounter with alien species ay intsik beho. One night, BFF and I were having coffee at Big C.

While chatting, I noticed from my peripheral view that someone is watching me. "They would often chant, 'Intsik beho, tulo laway.' That was a grave insult for me back then," he added.

Being a Chinese Filipino, or much often referred to as Tsinoy, was not a thing to brag about from the time when Spain ruled our country. As for Intsik Beho, your etymology is fanciful at best. Intsik Beho is more likely a Spanish colonial neologism: a corruption of Hokkien and Spanish terms for your old uncle (din chiek viejo).


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