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The journal is established to create a platform for researchers, practitioners and, health care professionals of all over the world to publish the extensive and exclusive research, important information about new findings of rare diseases or syndromes and their diagnostic tests, technical and scientific aspects of outcomes in clinical medicine.

Online case studies medicine

Benzene C6H6 is the first member of a series of aromatic hydrocarbons recovered from refinery streams during catalytic reformation and other petroleum processes.


It is a clear, colorless, highly flammable liquid at room temperature. Its vapor is heavier than air and can travel to a source of ignition and flash back. It has a pleasant odor detectable at concentrations greater than 4 parts per million ppm.

The workplace permissible exposure level [PEL] is 1 ppm.

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Common synonyms for benzene include benzol, cyclohexatriene, phenyl hydride, and coal tar naphtha. Benzene is an important raw material for the manufacture of Online case studies medicine rubbers, gums, lubricants, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals.

Benzene is a natural component of crude and refined petroleum. The mandatory decrease of lead alkyls in gasoline has led to an increase in the aromatic hydrocarbon content of gasoline to maintain high octane levels and antiknock properties.

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Because of its lipophilic nature, benzene is an excellent solvent. Benzene was also an important component of many industrial cleaning and degreasing formulations but now is replaced mostly by toluene, chlorinated solvents, or mineral spirits. Although benzene is no longer added in significant quantities to most commercial products, traces of it may still be present as a contaminant.

Because of its many uses, benzene is widespread in the environment. It is a component of both indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Benzene levels measured in ambient air have ranged from less than 0. Sources of benzene in air are usually associated with chemical manufacturing or gasoline, including gasoline bulk-loading and discharging facilities and combustion engines such as in automobiles, lawn mowers, and snow blowers.

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In almost all cases, benzene levels inside residences or offices are higher than levels outside. Benzene levels are also usually higher in homes with attached garages and those occupied by smokers. Integrating a Missing Element into Medical Education.

The National Academies Press. Leakage from underground storage tanks and seepage from landfills or improper disposal of hazardous wastes has resulted in benzene contamination of groundwater used for drinking. Effluent from industries is also a source of ground-water contamination. In addition to being ingested, benzene in water can also be absorbed through wet skin and inhaled as it volatilizes during showering or laundering.

Persons who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day inhale a daily dose of approximately 1 milligram of benzene, which is about one-thirtieth of the daily amount inhaled by a worker exposed at the currently permissible workplace level.

The investigator contacts the chemical company that owns the abandoned site and learns that benzene is stored at the site in tanks that are above and below ground.Medical Case Studies This online course is ideal preparation for students thinking of studying medicine at university or medical school, particularly those applying to study medicine in the UK.

Online Course Instant Start! hours study Ages 16+. Medical Reports & Case Studies (MRCS) is a peer-reviewed online open access journal which publishes original research work and case reports in all areas of clinical, medical & life sciences, which are not limited to diseases, symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, new .

"A case-based book organized by the top 10 common complaints of patients presenting to emergency departments.

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This approach allows the reader to learn the pathophysiology of the major diseases, and analyze each case in a way that more closely approximates the clinical practice of medicine; not knowing which organ system is damaged or compromised before examining the patient.

Medical studies can prepare you to become doctors, researchers, psychiatrists, sports medicine professionals, dermatologists, and healthcare specialists. Hundreds of students who pursue medical studies end up in the academic world.

NEOMED Library online resource. See Case Studies Section.

Online case studies medicine

Supplemental to Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs, 17th Edition. unit 4: case studies in personalized medicine, part 2 Module 7 continues our focus on case studies with a look at some cases that illustrate how personalized medicine informs treatment decisions related to specific diseases/conditions.

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