Protect children not guns

My first response is sorrow and condolences for the families of the victims. My second response is: And the answer to that is the usual—not long at all.

Protect children not guns

Advertisement In Brief The claim that gun ownership stops crime is common in the U. But about 30 careful studies show more guns are linked to more crimes: Far less research shows that guns help.

Interviews with people in heavily gun-owning towns show they are not as wedded to the crime defense idea as the gun lobby claims. After I pulled the trigger and recovered from the recoil, I slowly refocused my eyes on the target. There it was—a tiny but distinct circle next to the zombie's eye, the first bullet hole I'd ever made.

I looked down at the shaking Glock 19 in my hands. A swift and strong emotional transformation swept over me. In seconds, I went from feeling nervous, even terrified, to exhilarated and unassailable—and right then I understood why millions of Americans believe guns keep them safe.

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I was standing in a shooting range 15 miles south of Kennesaw, Ga. It was day two of a four-day road trip I'd embarked on to investigate a controversial and popular claim made by the gun lobby: Guns took more than 36, U.

Yet gun advocates argue exactly the opposite: Arming more people will make our country safer and more peaceful, they say, because criminals won't cause trouble if they know they are surrounded by gun-toting good guys.

After all, since Americans have acquired million new guns while murder rates have plummeted, according to the National Rifle Association of America NRA.

Protect children not guns

Donald Trump, when running for president, said of the shooting massacre in San Bernardino, Calif. At the Governors Gun Club outside town, people practice shooting targets 2. Ben Rollins Is there truth to this claim? An ideal experiment would be an interventional study in which scientists would track what happened for several years after guns were given to gun-free communities and everything else was kept the same.

But alas, there are no gun-free U. So instead scientists compare what happens to gun-toting people, in gun-dense regions, with what happens to people and places with few firearms.

They also study whether crime victims are more or less likely to own guns than others, and they track what transpires when laws make it easier for people to carry guns or use them for self-defense. Most of this research—and there have been several dozen peer-reviewed studies—punctures the idea that guns stop violence.No more children murdered in our schools..

No more parents sending a child to school who never comes home..

Protect children not guns

No more teachers, coaches, principals, librarians, or any school staff standing between students and a gunman.. No more. The U.S. has one of the highest reported rates of unintentional child gun deaths in the world.

Not many people are aware how big of a problem gun accidents in the US actually are. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, during alone there have been well over shootings involving children ages 1 [ ].

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Quotations about Guns divided into 8 sections. Compiled in Wheelchairs Against Guns is a non-profit organization of individuals who live with disabilities as a result of gun violence. Each week, members of the organization visit inner city schools to educate students about the negative effects of bullying, gangs, and violence.

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