Right time right place essay

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Right time right place essay

Want to start a startup? Get funded by Y Combinator. October This essay is derived from a talk at the Startup School. How do you get good ideas for startups? That's probably the number one question people ask me.

I'd like to reply with another question: That might seem a stupid thing to ask. Why do they think it's hard? If people can't do it, then it is hard, at least for them. What people usually say is not that they can't think of ideas, but that they don't have any.

That's not quite the same thing. It could be the reason they don't have any is that they haven't tried to generate them. I think this is often the case. I think people believe that coming up with ideas for startups is very hard-- that it must be very hard-- and so they don't try do to it.

They assume ideas are like miracles: I also have a theory about why people think this. They think creating a startup is just a matter of implementing some fabulous initial idea.

And since a successful startup is worth millions of dollars, a good idea is therefore a million dollar idea. If coming up with an idea for a startup equals coming up with a million dollar idea, then of course it's going to seem hard. Too hard to bother trying.

Our instincts tell us something so valuable would not be just lying around for anyone to discover. Actually, startup ideas are not million dollar ideas, and here's an experiment you can try to prove it: Nothing evolves faster than markets.

The fact that there's no market for startup ideas suggests there's no demand. Which means, in the narrow sense of the word, that startup ideas are worthless. Questions The fact is, most startups end up nothing like the initial idea.

It would be closer to the truth to say the main value of your initial idea is that, in the process of discovering it's broken, you'll come up with your real idea.

The initial idea is just a starting point-- not a blueprint, but a question. It might help if they were expressed that way.

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Instead of saying that your idea is to make a collaborative, web-based spreadsheet, say: A few grammatical tweaks, and a woefully incomplete idea becomes a promising question to explore. There's a real difference, because an assertion provokes objections in a way a question doesn't.

I'm going to build a web-based spreadsheet, then critics-- the most dangerous of which are in your own head-- will immediately reply that you'd be competing with Microsoft, that you couldn't give people the kind of UI they expect, that users wouldn't want to have their data on your servers, and so on.

A question doesn't seem so challenging. And everyone knows that if you tried this you'd be able to make something useful. Maybe what you'd end up with wouldn't even be a spreadsheet.It's hard to go wrong purchasing a book on language by Safire, and The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time: Wit and Wisdom from the Popular "On Language" Column in The New York Times Magazine was yet another satisfying experience.

Safire launches into his subject matter with a bold statement: "We will come to sodomy in a moment.". Right Place, Right Time Episode 3 of 6 Duration: 1 hour Being in the right place at the right time'; 'the decisive moment'; 'getting in close' - in the popular imagination this is photography at its best, a medium that makes viewers eyewitnesses to the moments when history is made.

Right Time Right Place Staffing is a leading employment agency in southeast TN. Locally-owned, but a powerhouse with national resources, experience & reach. in the right place at the right time Being the recipient of good fortune, often accidentally or unintentionally, simply due to one's location and/or timing.

I guess we were in the right place at the right time, because the person ahead of us in line paid for our drinks! I got that great parking space because I pulled up just as someone was leaving. Talk. It was perfect advice for basic training.

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Show up to formation when you were supposed to in the proper attire and do it on time. Something short and sweet to help you navigate through your journey. It helped keep many of us out of trouble.

It was the first time I had ever heard that saying.

Right time right place essay

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