The school canteen

Avoiding foods that have High Fat, Sugar, and Salt HFSS Foodborne illnesses Children are very susceptible to foodborne diseases like jaundice and typhoid and so the food served to them in school canteens must be healthy and safe. Another problem is that of food poisoning caused by certain bacteria like salmonella, E. Every person who runs a school canteen has the responsibility to ensure that the food is prepared, handled and sold according to best practices prescribed in the FSS Act, Dates on packaged foods Another area of concern in school canteens is packaged and processed foods and beverages.

The school canteen

Every school has a canteen and it makes it easy for students to get food from these canteens. Our school also has a canteen. The canteen is very big and could accommodate many students at a time. We have a coupon system, where the students who would like to have food from the canteen, would require buying coupon for the desired item from the counter during the first short recess of the day in school.

Then, during the lunch hour, the students assemble in the canteen and they provide their coupons. Based on the coupons, the students would be given the food that they have placed their orders for.

The students needs to sit in the canteen and have the food and return back the plates. The canteen at our school would almost be full on all days. Many students come there to have their food.

Our canteen provides all kinds of food. You would get the vegetarian food and the non-vegetarian food. You have the rice varieties which may include the normal meals or fried rice and also fast food kind of items which includes sandwiches, rolls, wraps, burgers etc.

Even soft drinks and packet juices are provided. You just need to choose which food you would like to have and pay accordingly. The canteen food is very tasty and it is very neat.

The food is all sealed and served in packets, so that it makes it easy to carry around and have food. There is a canteen in-charge that takes care of the quality of the food and the neatness of the canteen.

The cooks of the canteen are very nice and they make sure that we students get the best food.

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Since the canteen functions very well, most of the students prefer to have food from here and the canteen would be full almost on all working days. Even on special occasions or get together, the canteen provides food for the students and staff participating in the occasion or get together.

It is really great to have a canteen in the premises of the school and to get good and tasty food, when we want.Our Vision and Mission.

The school canteen

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The school canteen

I am writing this report is to draw your attention regarding the school canteen. Many of the students of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Permata are unhappy about the conditions at the school canteen.

There were lots of complaints regarding this issue. Risk of slips reduced in school canteen. In a school canteen, signs were used routinely around the water fountain and the hot drinks machine to warn pupils and staff of the risk of slips.

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