What is art deco and where

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What is art deco and where

At a time of economic depression and the approach of war there was a desire for escapism. Speed and streamlining became important especially in the new modes of travel such as the first commercial flights, trains such as the Orient Express and ocean-going liners.

This page lists some of the Art Deco buildings to be found in London. It is compiled from the Time Out Deco guide but with additions from other sources, recommendations and personal knowledge. I have included a couple of buildings which post-date the period but replicate Art Deco styling.

If you know of any good examples that I have not listed I would be interested to hear about them dates and architects would be useful. Please use my Guestbook. An Art Deco trail around some of the buildings is available [ click here ] The buildings listed here plus others have been plotted on a Google Map - thanks to JaneZ [ click here ] There is a Gallery section with photos of some of the buildings featured in this listing marked pix FACTORIES Art Deco was the response to the new needs and new materials of a changing society.

Showpiece buildings were constructed to promote the companies they housed.

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Remnants at the Museum of London. Alsaka Grange Road, Bermondsey SE1 A factory was established to process seal fur in but only the entrance remains from this.

The newer white building on the site was designed by Wallis Gilbert. It was bombed twice in WWII. It is now offices known as Greater London House. The front offices have been restored for Gallaghers and the rear converted to a Tesco supermarket.

What is art deco and where

The former canteen added in has a green marble tiled washroom. The illuminated windows got round restrictions on lighted advertising.

What is art deco and where

It was re-designed by Terry Farrell in providing light industrial units and offices, including his architectural practice. The two streets have different Art Deco styled frontages.


It depicts street sellers of lavender a famous product. As the number of car owners increased so did the need for garage facilities for petrol and repairs and also car showrooms.

It has a carwash and turntable inside. It had a ground floor display area, workshops and space for cars.Founded in in Springfield, Illinois, the company produced America’s most interesting art noveau, art deco, and pre-modern watches from through the s, when Hamilton, which had bought the brand in , stopped producing them.

— norman pearlstine, Fortune, "When American Watches Rivaled the Swiss," 4 July Art Deco barnweddingvt.com specializes in French Art Deco Furniture, French Antique Furniture, Modernist Art Deco Lighting Fixtures & Art.

Call: Art Deco grew out of a desire in France to reestablish the country as a top-tier producer of decorative arts. The establishment of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs around the turn of the century raised the respect for objets d’art.

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OUR MISSION STATEMENT Miami Design Preservation League is a not-for-profit preservation and arts organization founded in , which preserves, protects and promotes the architectural, cultural, social and environmental integrity of Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.

Originally organized by Barbara Baer Capitman and friends in , it is the oldest Art Deco . FACTORIES Art Deco was the response to the new needs and new materials of a changing society.

Showpiece buildings were constructed to promote the .

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